About a jester who fell in love

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There once was a little jester
whose suit was the colour of sun
he always made the kingdom happy
there weren't times without fun.
But the jester one day felt a little down
and with his spirit went the king's crown.
As he started to feel down a little more
the queen pointed her finger at the door.
As he began to act sad a lot
the king started looking for someone to replace the jester's spot
And when the jester's heart broke
he was fired, his suit burning with smoke.

There he is- the little jester
whose fortune is now gone
he cries at night, he mourns all day,
where is the long lost luck?
and what more can I say...

There he is in black apparel
wondering through the depth of night
where he sits alone and desperate
searching for bliss in the moonlight.
The moon paints a pretty picture
but his heart is made of stone
long gone is now the fire he craves to capture
he weeps, silent, all alone.

,,Jester! Jester, why so sad?
I miss your laughs, I miss you, delightful lad."
he heard a voice three feet ahead.
The jester sees, eyes shining bright,
his tears are smeared, his cries are wiped.
Jumping off the rotten stump
he picks a rose while kneeling down.
,,My lady, purdiest of all, may I know your name?"
he smiles, waiting for a reply to the call.

And so the years went on a on
a heart of gold is the one he won.
So the years are passing by
with a love like theirs
the happy jester deals with no more cry.

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